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The aerobatics rating will come into force in April 2018 and you will be required to have the rating on your EASA licence to fly aerobatics in EASA aircraft. Until then the training you recieve is at the discretion of your club, syndicate or insurance company. If you fly aerobatics then it's certainly worth getting this one sorted sooner rather than later.


From 8 April 2018, to undertake Aerobatic flights in an EASA aircraft an EASA License and Aerobatic Rating will be required:

FCL.800 Aerobatic rating


(a) Holders of a pilot licence for aeroplanes, TMG or sailplanes shall only undertake aerobatic flights when they hold the appropriate rating.


(b) Applicants for an aerobatic rating shall have completed:


(1) at least 40 hours of flight time or, in the case of sailplanes, 120 launches as PIC in the appropriate aircraft category, completed after the issue of the licence;


(2) a training course at an ATO, including:


(i) theoretical knowledge instruction appropriate for the rating;


(ii) at least 5 hours or 20 flights of aerobatic instruction in the appropriate aircraft category.


(c) The privileges of the aerobatic rating shall be limited to the aircraft category in which the flight instruction was completed. The privileges will be extended to another category of aircraft if the pilot holds a licence for that aircraft category and has successfully completed at least 3 dual training flights covering the full aerobatic training syllabus in that category of aircraft.


If you already fly aerobatics then there are several ways that you can use your current experience to have the rating added. 


There are many different conversion routes available as detailed in the conversion requirement are detailed in CAP804, Section 4, part P and listed below.


You must  have received the theoretical knowledge specified in AMC No 1 to FCL.800, and comply with any one of the following:


If you have completed:


  • an AOPA/BAeA aerobatic course -  please send evidence of this such as a copy of the course completion certificate. 


  •  aerobatic training with the UK military forces (other than the British Army) please send course completion certificates or certified copies of the appropriate pages of the military logbook.  This could be for either:

    • the UK RAF Elementary Flying Training course; or

    • the UK RN Elementary Flying Training course; or

    • a UK military Basic Fast Jet Flying Training course.


  • If you hold or have held a UK Display Authorisation, which includes / included authorisation to perform aerobatics at a display, you must send a copy of the Display Authorisation.


  • If you have flown aerobatic manoeuvres at a BAeA sanctioned event (including glider events) you must send evidence of this (other than log book records) such as proof of attendance and flying at the event by way of certificate etc


  • If you have FI or AFI ratings and have had the “no aerobatic restriction” removed following compliance with UK requirements to instruct aerobatics; No additional evidence is required.





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