Aviation Insider was first set up in 2016 aimed at bring everything aviation into one place for information which later turned into a one stop shop for news, gossip, information and the latest products. Our most popular product which was taken from the merger with V1aviation is our type rating question banks on the a320, a330, B737 and the Dash 8 Q400, These will soon grow to other aircraft and aptitude products too.  


We now currently have more than 65 pilots/instructors and examiners all working for different airlines helping our clients prepare for their airline simulator assessments. We have current airline profiles, previous client feedback and we are able to rent many different aircraft type simulators for our clients to practice on such as the a320, a330, 737NG, 737CL, 747, 757/767, and E190. We use different providers across the UK giving our clients the choice of location but our most popular being Gatwick area and Burgess Hill. Ask yourself would you walk into a job interview without knowing about the company? Hopefully you’d say no of course not. So our question would be why walk into an airline simulator assessment without knowing what to expect, familiarity with the aircraft, how it handles and flies? 


The whole purpose of the company was to help prepare students and current pilots (employed or unemployed) with airline simulator assessments for their airline interview and simulator assessment. We do not skip on instructor quality as none of our simulator sessions are run by anyone less than a current type rated airline pilot (unlike some of our competitors) With airline recruitment at its highest level in years and with the industry expanding as rapidly as it has been, make sure you fully prepare yourself for any simulator assessment with the help of our friendly experienced instructors. 

What we say: UKFlying recommends Aviation Insider due to their positive customer feedback and their flexibility to help pilots out. Mention UKFlying and get a further £25 off the price.