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Details on the UK CAA departure from EASA

As the 31st December approaches we will post updates on the UK's departure from EASA here and what it means for UK pilots.

Current links:

All current validations can be found on the UK - EU transition microsite. Validations.

31 Dec 20 - Holders of UK issued EASA Part-FCL licences need to keep a UK validation form with their licence that explains that the licence is no longer EASA and is now UK CAA. Print the form and keep it with your UK CAA issued licence. Link to the form here.

29 Dec 20 - CAA issue Skywise notice stating that EU Part-FCL pilots will be able to apply for a UK Part-FCL licence from 1st April.

"From 1 April 2021, a new application process will be available to pilots, instructors and examiners who wish to obtain a UK Part-FCL licence based on a European Part-FCL licence. Further guidance regarding this process will be published in due course."

23 Dec 20 - CAA validation form (letter) allowing the use of EASA licences on UK G-registered aircraft from 1st Jan 21:


"Under ICAO rules, a pilot wishing to operate an aircraft which has a different State of Registry to the state that issued that pilot’s licence, must have a validation from the relevant authorities.  

This means that flight crew carrying a non-UK CAA licence, issued by an EASA Member State, who operate UK-registered aircraft must carry a ‘general validation’ with their licence. This is issued by the UK CAA and is valid for two years under UK law."

Link to the document here.

22 Dec 20 - ORS4 1453 - CAA extension to the requirement to have your EASA licence issued by 1st Jan 21 if you are transferring away from the UK CAA. New EASA licence must now be issued before 31 Mar 21. With many aviation authorities in lockdown, this is welcome news. There is a CAA validation form to complete. Full details here.

18 Dec 20 - Updated Q&A on the CAA microsite for General Aviation. CAA Q&A

15 Dec 20 - Link to CAA YouTube channel with webinar videos: CAA YouTube

3 Dec 20 - Licence transfer deadline from the CAA:

Due to the festive period, any paperwork relating to a licence or medical transfer, including the transfer request from the EU NAA, must be received by the CAA no later than 24 December in order to meet the transfer submission deadline.

Please note that the recommended submission date for transfers as published by the CAA was 1 October 2020. Applications submitted after this date will be subject to extended processing times and acceptance by the receiving NAA.

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