EASA licences in the UK

This page details what's required for EASA licence holders who live in the UK and are required to keep their licence and ratings current.

Medical - There are UK based AMEs that can conduct EASA medicals. Many can conduct both UK and EASA medicals. The cost is slightly higher if you require both. Use the following CAA link to search for AMEs near you. It shows if they are also EASA approved. Link doesn't work in Safari. CAA MEDICAL EXAMINER DATABASE

Licence: The following is a CAA guide to EASA licences:


The slide below explains the route to revalidating or renewing your IR in the UK


You can revalidate or renew both an EASA and UK rating during the same test. This applies to both aircraft and simulator providing the above conditions are met.

UKFlying have both UK and EASA examiners that can assist with revalidating or renewing ratings in the UK for both CAA and EASA licence holders. More details on ME-IR revalidations and renewals can be found here: INSTRUMENT RATING