UKFlying.com are proud to recommend Flight Deck Wingman as the military pilot specialists - assisting forces pilots as they transition into the world of commercial aviation.


A former Royal Navy fast jet pilot, Flight Deck Wingman’s founder Andrew, created Flight Deck Wingman out of a passion to assist military pilots of all backgrounds as they embark upon the next stage of their flying careers. This passion continues with amazing success for our clients and a growing reputation for outstanding support!


Flight Deck Wingman guarantees that nobody will work harder on finding you that all-important first airline job and understands exactly how to help you translate your experience effectively, at both the application and assessment stage.


With a genuine one-on-one service, Flight Deck Wingman has a team that consists of only former service pilots turned airline pilots in airline’s that include - British Airways, Thomas Cook and jet2.com. We offer both individual “bespoke” and our unique “IP to Flight Deck” Day Course, that will ensure you are completely prepared for the transition:


  • “IP to Flight Deck” - a course designed to maximise you knowledge of applying to and passing airline selection procedures.

  • Bespoke CV writing.

  • Bespoke cover letter writing.

  • One-on-one interview training specific to you and the airline you are applying to.

  • Honest feedback on your performance - we will ensure you know what areas require improvement and we will not leave you unprepared!


We believe that offering the right service to our clients, completely independently of any other organisations is key - this is about supporting our former colleagues at this turning point in their careers. Flight Deck Wingman works tirelessly to achieve this. Visit www.flightdeckwingman.com/testimonials to see what our clients say about us - genuine feedback and genuine job offers.

Contact: andrew@flightdeckwingman.com

Visit: www.flightdeckwingman.com

Connect: www.facebook.com/flightdeckwingman

Tweet: @Wingman_Andrew

LinkedIn: Andrew Neofytou


Here are just some of the airline’s our clients have been placed with:


  • British Airways

  • Virgin Atlantic

  • jet2.com

  • TUI

  • TUIFly

  • Thomas Cook

  • Hong Kong Airlines