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Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

From 25 August 2018, EASA Aircrew Regulations require all pilots who are operating on PBN routes and procedures to be suitably qualified.

One of the key aims of the Future Airspace Strategy is to make airspace more efficient – saving time and fuel and reducing emissions.Key to achieving this is improving the accuracy of where aircraft fly and a move to use satellite based navigation rather than ground-based navigation aids.

The level of accuracy, safety and integrity that these satellite navigation systems must reach is set out in the international requirements for Performance-based Navigation (PBN).

PBN is being adopted world wide and countries are expected to develop their airspace to apply it. Therefore as airspace and the routes aircraft fly are re designed they will move to PBN.

This will affect both the high level airways and the lower level arrival and departure routes into and out of airports. In many cases as the change to PBN happens the routes will remain very similar to those flown under the old ground-based navigation system but in some cases when the route moves to PBN there may be some structural changes to the airspace.

PBN guide used by CAA instructors and examiners. A free PDF download of the manual can be found here:

Link to CAA page with information on how to add PBN to your licence. There are also self-declared grandfather rights if you have previously flown PBN. Details and the required form can be found here:

UKFlying instructors and examiners can assist with adding a PBN rating to your licence. Contact UKFlying

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