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pmFlight has been established since 2009 providing high quality simulator training, with emphasis on preparation for airline assessment and acceptance by specific airlines. Throughout the years we have built up a wealth of knowledge and particular expertise in this area, and have helped thousands of pilots from initial first check rides (just out of training), military leavers and to those with more experience who may wish to transition between airlines. As such no matter your experience, we are typically covering that training from Cadet, NTR, TR or DEC check rides. 


All our courses are conducted by airline training captains who have specialist knowledge in this area of training and include full briefs, debriefs and any documentation required. The flight simulators (and CBT) are in-house and expertly maintained. We operate a 737-800, which has full dynamic control loading and motion cue systems to give a/c feel without the cost of a full motion flight simulator. This is ideal for many aspects of training where motion is not a requirement. The simulator is equipped with collimated visual displays and is capable of simulating complex failures. The A320 simulator has a full visual display system and can also cover the required aspects of airline assessment training. We are also able to offer B747-400, B767 and the B757 generic simulation that is suitable for BA and other airline simulator preparation and assessment.


At pmFlight our remit and ethos is to help you in a friendly and constructive manner. This includes being flexible with arranging simulator sessions and partnering you up with other applicants to reduce training costs, or offering bespoke training specific to your requirements. We also run courses for pilots transitioning from First Officer into the commander’s role, as well as other areas of refresher and gap training. 

Please contact us; pmFlight Limited   01737 822160

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