Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT) - Military Pilots


Details for aspiring commercial pilots (NOT MILITARY) can be found here: UPRT


There will a requirement to complete an Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane course before starting an initial multi-crew Type Rating (Airliner) for all TRs that start on or after 20th Dec 19. There is currently no military credit against this requirement.

Here is a useful article that explains the various UPRT stages and common questions about UPRT:

After researching UPRT-Aeroplane providers we believe CRM Aviation, ELCAS registered, is the best option for military pilots. They have been providing the course since 2013, the instructors are either ex-CFS military or airline pilots with significant aerobatic experience. They currently only offer standalone UPRT courses to military pilots via UKFlying. If you also require a MCC then a good option to combine the 2 courses and use 1 ELC against the cost.


 Here are the details from their website:

Advanced UPRT - Aeroplane - £1895

One of the largest causes of aviation accidents and incidents is pilots loss of control in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. EASA have now recognised this - we did years ago, and have been delivering this course since 2013! By 20th December 2019, this training will be a mandatory requirement prior to commencing an initial multi-crew type rating, just like the MCC is.  EASA state;

"In respect of issuing EASA licences in accordance with Annex I to Commission Regulation (EU) No 2018/1974, aeroplane upset prevention and recovery training commenced prior to 20th December 2019 under the regulatory oversight of a Member State (e.g. UK CAA) may be given credit until 20th December 2021. Credit given shall be determined by the Member State (e.g. UK CAA) to which the pilot applies for the issue of a licence, rating or certificate on the basis of a recommendation from an Approved Training Organisation that provides the course."

EASA regulatory information on UPRT-A can be found here - UPRT-A. It is worth noting that pilots holding an EASA Aerobatic Rating, or have aerobatic experience, WILL NOT be exempt from UPRT-A training. No ruling is stated for military pilots, so it is currently to be assumed that UPRT-A will be required for all military pilots transitioning to a civilian licence.

This is excellent news for you, the customer, as charges will still be realistic before full regulatory oversight.  We are in a unique position to be able to offer JOC/MCC/UPRT, all under one roof, all owned and operated by us!

Our UPRT-Aeroplane Course, in compliance with FCL.745.A covers the following theoretical and practical elements;

(1) -  5 hours theoretical knowledge instruction
(2) - preflight briefings and postflight debriefings
(3) - 3 hours of dual flight instruction with a flight instructor qualified in accordance with FCL.915 (e) and consisting        of advanced UPRT in an aeroplane qualified for the training task.

+ Understand Angle of Attack (AoA)
+ Understand relationship of AoA to speed, attitude and control position
+ Investigate solutions for perception of AoA
+ Discuss methods to manage AoA
+ Experience attitudes not typically seen in commercial aviation 
+ Understand and experience associated physiological effects +2.5G through to -0.5G
+ Understand implications of yaw stability through manual control
+ Understand the aerodynamic principles of large swept wing aircraft
+ Understand the theory of pitch control with under wing mounted turbofan engines
+ Investigate methods to combat startle and surprise effect

The course is delivered in our own Slingsby Firely T67MII's,  G-OCRM and G-ECRM. All of our UPRT-Ai's are Boeing 737, 747, Falcon 7X type rated and aerobatic instuctors.

Our Upset Prevention & Recovery Training - UPRT-Aeroplane course will focus on keeping you safe in the air and confident to deal with any flight situation or attitude you may find yourself in.

The two day course comprises of:

+  Comprehensive ground briefings pre and post flight - totalling 5 hours.
+  3 hours of flying in the Slingsby Firefly T67M.
+  UPRT-Aeroplane Certificate of Course Completion.

We offer a Combined JOC/MCC/UPRT-Aeroplane Course that will cover all needs prior to application of a multi-crew position

If you would like advice on this course then please do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to answer any regulatory or syllabus questions you may have.

Oct 19 - CRM are now ELCAS approved for the UPRT course.