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Military Rotary Pilot to Civilian Helicopter (CPL H / ATPL H)


There are plenty of ways to achieve your licence, we have set out below what we believe is the most efficient and most cost effective route. Due to Brexit and the UK leaving EASA, these credits are only available for UK CAA licences.


CAA Class 1 Medical - For a CPL (ATPL) you need a CLASS 1 medical. It is best to do this after your exams, unless you think you might encounter problems. Initial medical must be done by a CAA approved centre and there can be a long wait. CAA Medical Centres

ATPL Theory Exams - 13 exams in various subjects. You have 18 months from the first sitting to the last sitting to complete the exams. You have 6 sittings in total and you can take any 1 exam up to 4 times before having to start again.


As a military helicopter pilot you are exempt the 650hr study course, but are still required to pass the exams. UKFlying offer Padpilot direct for £529, which has all of the online study materials. You can use a £175 SLC or £534 IRTC towards the cost. You can then supplement this with ATPLQ which is the most current question bank and UKFlying have 15% discount codes off the price. If you want to attend classroom lessons, then we recommend Bristol Ground School (£3195), who run hybrid courses with online study and crammer weeks. They are ELCAS registered.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we'll forward you more info on the ATPL theory options.

Once you've passed the exams you need to complete a CPL and Instrument Rating course or an ATPL(H) Skill Test, this depends on which military helicopters you have flown. You also need a Class 1 medical and possibly a MCC certificate. 

CPL(H) / IR(H) / ATPL(H) providers - UKFlying are updating the helicopter companies we are partnered with for 2024. This is to ensure we always recommend the best options based on your experience and requirements. The details will be added to the website soon, but in the meantime, contact us for more info.


After spending the time and money on all of the items above you want to make sure you get a job as quickly as possible. You will need to create a professional CV and you need to be prepared for the job selection process. It really is worth spending a few extra pounds getting this right as you may only get one shot.

I strongly recommend you get in touch with Andrew at flightdeckwingman who is ex-Navy and now works for BA. Further details on flightdeckwingman can be found here, 


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