TRAIN TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO SUCCEED - GET YOURSELF A WINGMAN! are proud to recommend Flight Deck Wingman to pilots of all backgrounds and experience levels. The Flight Deck Wingman team consists of 6 highly experienced pilots with tens of thousands of hours invaluable experience between them, built up over a combined period of more than 100 years in aviation, both in the military and the airline world. This team is led by Andrew, a former Royal Navy fast jet pilot and now Boeing 787 Dreamliner pilot for a major UK long haul airline. Flight Deck Wingman offers a truly personalised and client focussed approach that will not be bettered. What does this mean for you?


ASPIRING PILOTS - We will ensure that you are guided through the process of making a successful application for any sponsorship or apprentice scheme. We have not forgotten how difficult it is to get noticed in this highly competitive industry and our application services will ensure that you get noticed for all the right reasons, giving you the very best chances of getting to that all-important interview or selection. When your selection date arrives, Flight Deck Wingman will have ensured that you enter the process confident in your own ability and with the knowledge required to shine with those airline recruiters


“Andrew has been a real asset during my preparation for my airline assessment. He knows exactly what the airlines want. With his experience and knowledge of the industry he will provide you the best training you need to shine for your assessment. Give yourself the best chance of success with Flight Deck Wingman!”


EXPERIENCED PILOTS - We know you understand the importance of making the right move, at the right time, for the long-term. Flight Deck Wingman will ensure that your experience is translated effectively to the airline you are applying to. A dedicated and bespoke service will guarantee that you approach each and every application with the confidence and knowledge that you need to stand out from the crowd.


“I want to say a very big thank you to Flight Deck Wingman. A huge help with my application at every stage of the process, from CV writing all the way through to the final simulator assessment. Andrew is always on hand for advice and really cements the techniques needed for success. I cannot recommend the Flight Deck Wingman services enough, not just for ex-military pilots, but also for commercial pilots transitioning to a different airline like myself.




  • Flight Deck Wingman Day Course designed to maximise your knowledge of applying to and passing airline selection procedures.

  • Bespoke CV and cover letter writing

  • One-on-one interview training specific to you and to the airline scheme you are applying to.

  • Honest feedback on your performance - we will not leave you underprepared!


We believe in a highly ethical and personalised service that will equip you with the knowledge, confidence and techniques that lead to a successful job offer. We do not rely on, nor share specific information on recruitment processes. Instead, we ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to be successful at any airline recruitment process. 






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