Skyborne Airline Academy

Skyborne Airline Academy are a new company at Gloucester airport operating modern DA-42s from state-of-the-art facilities. The company are very keen to help military pilots and have offered discounted price courses. They have the advanced ALSIM AL42 which makes the training more realistic and valuable. Skyborne Airline Academy are ELCAS approved.



The reduced hours helicopter CPL MEIR (ATPL(A)) course will be £22,500 including all fees other than CAA test fees which are currently £1505 per test with aircraft hire. Having new facilities and equipment will ensure the training is completed quickly. 

Skyborne also offer the MECBIR, which is a complex subject. It allows the ATO to recognize previous IR instruction or non-EASA IR ratings to count as credit towards the course. We hoped that military IR instruction and ratings would count but it seems as if the CAA have other ideas: "There is no credit for UK Military pilots for the CBIR modular route at present and therefore only the credits agreed in the Military Accreditation Scheme (MAS) apply for the issue of an IR. You may still be able to claim the credits and get the course hours (and cost) reduced if you have held a non-EASA licence (maybe whilst on exchange) or have had any IR instruction from a civilian instructor. More info here. If you are unsure then please use the contact form below and we can advise you.

Standard Rotary conversion course:


7hrs MEP ground school 

6hrs MEP aircraft

15hrs CPL aircraft 

10hrs BIFM (5hrs sim, 5hrs aircraft) 

2hr CPL MEP test with examiner fee 


30hrs sim IR

15hrs aircraft 

2hr MEIR test with examiner fee 

Total Training Cost £23,930 (including sims, flights, approaches, landings, etc), plus CAA examiner fees £1570. 

Total cost £25,500

Fast Jet:


  • 7 hours ground school as mandated for the MEP

  • 1 hour familiarisation sim including limited panel check

  • 6 hours MEP / CPL course

Followed by combined CPL and MEP test with CAA examiner.

  • IR Ground school

  • 3hrs IR Alsim AL42 Simulator 

  • 2hrs IR  Aircraft Flight

Followed by IR test with CAA examiner.

Total Training Cost £5964 (including sims, flights, approaches, landings, etc), plus CAA examiner fees £1570. 

Total cost £7534

If the weather is kind then this can all be completed within 2 weeks.

Please complete the enquiry form for more information.​


The training will depend on what training you've had and what FL type you fly, but this is our recommended course:

  • MEP Ground school

  • 1 hour familiarisation sim including limited panel check

  • 5.5hrs hour MEP and CPL Training

Followed by combined MEP and CPL test with CAA examiner.

  • 2 hours IR Alsim AL42 Simulator 

  • 2 hours IR  pre-ride.

Followed by MEIR test with CAA examiner.

Total Training Cost £5,467 (includes sims, flights, approaches, landings, etc), plus CAA examiner fees £1570. 

Total Cost £7,037

Please complete the contact form below for more information. 

Why book through UKFlying? Firstly, there is no extra cost, this a free service. We'll ensure that you get the right course based on your military experience at the lowest price. You'll also be linked to a Dropbox account with all of the pre-course reading material, including exam guides, DA-42 tech and examiners favourite test questions! This will make the conversion process much easier. By booking through UKFlying, you are enabling us to maintain the lowest course rates for military pilots. Course feedback can be found here.