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Bristol Groundschool (BGS) are definitely the best option for your ATPL Fixed Wing and Helicopter Theory exams. They offer all of the course materials, revision courses and an online database of over 15,000 questions.  They have both UK CAA and EASA approvals.


They are also ELCAS registered and perfectly set-up for military conversions. They will help support you throughout your theory training and prepare you really well for the exams. They are based in Clevedon near Bristol.

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Feedback from the BGS website:


"Now that I am out of the military and around civilian pilots who have come through other routes I realise how streets ahead BGS is in terms of its teaching, question bank and achieving of first time passes.”


“I chose Bristol Groundschool because I was told there was no better place to go.”


“BGS is fantastic for giving you a great grounding of what to expect in the exams and teaching not only the syllabus but also exam technique which is half of the battle.”


“I wouldn’t have achieved the results I did without Bristol Groundschool. They made a stressful time into a somewhat enjoyable period in my training.”


“The revision weeks in preparation for the exams were second to none.”


“It really feels like the staff team want to do everything they can to give you the best chance of success.”

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