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ATPL Theory Training

Leading Edge Aviation – At Leading Edge Aviation, we deliver ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge both in house or via distance learning. Our core training is delivered by experienced instructors from our Oxford Campus either as part of our Integrated ‘LEAP’ course or our Modular course ‘MAP’. You will develop the knowledge and understanding required for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence over the duration of the course. You’ll study 13 subjects, in three modules, with regulatory exams at the end of each module featuring the most up-to-date academic syllabus and KSA100 (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude). We use Padpilot theory eBooks and our class sizes are modest so that we can support you throughout your training. Click here to read more!  

CPL MEP ME-IR Training (Integrated and Modular ATPL)
Leading Edge Aviation – Leading Edge Aviation is an academy with a difference that places the student at the heart of everything. Whether you’re looking to train full-time or part-time, we have training options that will take you from zero experience to an airline-ready fully qualified commercial pilot. Our LEAP (integrated) and MAP (modular) courses feature state-of-the-art facilities, glass cockpit aircraft, DA42 & A320 simulators and result in a frozen ATPL. With campuses in both Oxford, UK and Alhama, Spain, at Leading Edge aviation you can achieve either a UK CAA or with the optional a dual UK CAA and EASA licence. Click
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APS / JOC / MCC providers
Leading Edge Aviation - Whether you are studying as part of our Integrated LEAP course or you are a MAP student looking for a standalone module, the ultimate phase of ATPL flight training is the Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation Course, the APS-MCC. Our training is conducted in our state-of-the-art MPS Airbus A320 FTD-1 Simulator, supported by our award-winning Virtual Reality cockpit flow trainer. and will be your first taste of flying as an airline pilot in Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations. You’ll learn to work as a flight crew and learn how to fly a modern swept-wing jet airliner using recognised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Click
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Advanced - UPRT 
Leading Edge Aviation - The final stage of flight training is Advanced UPRT. This short, intensive course will progress your flying skills to the next level. Using a combination of theory and flight training, you’ll learn how to apply the correct recovery techniques if you encounter upsets in flight at any time in your aviation career. Click
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Airline Interview and CV Prep
Leading Edge Aviation - Our LEAP course includes a 3-day comprehensive Graduate Employment Services course, to prepare and assist you in landing that all important First Officer role. Furthermore, our graduates will then receive regular updates from our team on potential recruitment opportunities and are always happy to answer questions regarding applications.
The extensive course, conducted over 3 days, is taught by a team who have a wealth of experience in pilot recruitment and held at our campus in Oxford. Our instructors will walk you through the assessment process, tailoring the workshop to your personal experience and ensuring you are ready for your first airline interview. Click
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Airline Simulator Prep
Leading Edge Aviation - Whether you’d like to train with a qualified Instructor, or are looking for a simpler hire, we have a solution. Based at our sim centre, near our campus at London Oxford Airport, you’ll train in our Airbus A320 simulator. We have developed two options for you – refresher training with an instructor or dry hire with a sim operator. Our team come from a wide variety of backgrounds including current Airbus A320 Captains and First Officers, working at a wide range of airlines, with the ability to tailor the training to your specific needs and requirements. Click
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