Instructor Ratings - Military


This is the page for military pilots requiring an Instructor Rating. Follow the link for the webpage for standard EASA Instructor Ratings:


There are many types of instructor rating and this is quite a complex area. There are military credits against the FI rating depending on your previous experience. There are no credits for the CRI rating. Get in touch for more info and to see what credits you can claim.


Class Rating Instructor (CRI) - Real benefit is it can be added to a PPL. Useful for a club check pilot or for someone that wants to put something back into aviation. You can't instruct ab initio PPL students with a CRI. You can fly the 2 yearly instructional flight that PPL holders require and useful for checking out pilots to a new type within the class.


Flying Instructor (FI) - Initially restricted but allows you to instruct as above but you can now teach new PPL students. The restriction is you can't send someone solo. This restriction is lifted with hours and experience. You can also have the restrictions removed for other ratings such as aerobatics and night. You can recieve money for instruction because you must hold a CPL.

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