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Single Engine Piston (SEP)


A minimum of 45 hours flight training comprising at least:

(i) 25 hours dual instruction

(ii) 10 hours solo of which a minimum must be 5 hours solo cross-country flying

(iii) some instrument flying

9 ground school exams

Practical radio exam

Final Skills Test with a flight examiner


Training providers will be able to assist with more details for the course.



Valid 2 years


The only CAA currency requirement is for 3 take-offs and landings within 90 days to carry passengers. Clubs will probably impose their own currency requirements which will be more strict.


To remain current at the 2 year point:


Revalidation by Experience


12 hours in the last 12 months, 6 of which must be as PIC, plus 12 take-off and Landings, plus a 1hr flight with an instructor. Once you have achieved this you need to present your logbook to an examiner or an instructor with FCL945 privileges who will sign your licence and complete CAA form SRG1119E. If you forget to do this and you pass the 2 year point then your effort has been wasted and you will require a proficiency check. Signatures can not be back-dated.




Proficiency check


This is a pass/fail test and the profile is at the discretion of the examiner but you should expect some navigation, steep turns, stalls, PFL, circuits.



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